Cabin Fever

What is Cabin Fever?

Cabin Fever is an annual event hosted by the North Idaho Trail Blazers consisting of one day of trail riding in and around Pinehurst and Cataldo Idaho.


When is Cabin Fever?

Dates for Cabin Fever vary yearly due to weather.  Usually Cabin Fever is held during the month of February, March or early April.


Cabin Fever supporters:

Without the support of our local vendors, NITB could not put on such an awesome event!  Please shop and support your local merchant!  Please see the lists of Cabin Fever supporters and when patronizing them, please let them know and thank them for supporting the North Idaho Trail Blazers’ Cabin Fever event!


Cabin Fever 2020

Tentatively coming to your Silver Valley Idaho location in April of 2020 Keep an eye out for updates